Cedar Park HardwoodHickory is harvested domestically in the U.S. and is one of the hardest woods available here. In addition to flooring, hickory is used in the manufacture of baseball bats and golf drivers, so you can get a sense of just how hard it is. Learn all about this beautiful and incredibly durable hardwood from the experts at Floor Coverings International Williamson County below!

Durable, Beautiful, and Sophisticated

Hickory is extremely resistant to dings, dents, scratches, and other surface damage. This makes it an extremely popular choice for durability in hardwood flooring. It is an excellent selection for high-traffic areas of the home such as living rooms, great rooms, hallways, stairs, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Not only is hickory wood durable, it is also quite beautiful. Its artfully irregular wood grain and knotting patterns set it apart from other wood types and grains. It can also have mineral streaks and natural variations that give it a somewhat antique and decidedly sophisticated look.

When hickory is sanded and polished smooth, its grain patterns and markings can give it a dimensional, almost 3D look. The beauty, depth, and uniqueness of its markings embody one of its most appealing features. Many homeowners who favor hickory are drawn to it because of its truly unique wood look.

From Honey to Walnut: A Range of Color Tones

Cedar Park HardwoodHickory wood flooring is also quite easy to maintain, adding to its appeal as a flooring material choice. This is in large part because it’s so durable. As long as it is swept, kept free of dust, and is cleaned regularly with a mild cleaner, it can retain its high-quality surface and look for decades.

The most common colors for hickory wood floors are a reddish tone that can lean toward auburn. However, cooler tones are also available, as well as shades that look cinnamon or even copper. Lighter hickory wood tones have been characterized as gold, honey, caramel, and light beige. Darker hickory looks coffee toned, dark brown, espresso, or dark walnut; however, all hickory wood tones will be characterized by the unique irregular look of its grain, texture, and knotting.

Your Choice of Surface Finishes and Edge Profiles

Hickory wood flooring planks are also available in a variety of surface finishes and textures. For example, machine or hand scraped finishes ranging from subtle to heavy are popular choices. Hickory is also available in distressed and wire brushed finishes that add to its classic, antique appeal. It is also available in a range of edge profiles such as beveled, scraped beveled, micro-beveled, and pillowed.

Hickory wood flooring is priced by the square foot and it can be above average in the wood flooring category due to its hardness. However, exact pricing will depend upon the grade. Hickory wood grade is largely based upon the level of knots and perceived flaws in the wood. Higher, more expensive grades tend to have a smoother, more polished and refined appearance. Our trained design associates can go over this and more during your free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander TX areas and look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit: Eponaleah & B Brown