Hardwood and carpet are two of the most popular and classic bedroom flooring options available. Both have different benefits and drawbacks, so it can be tough to decide which one is the best choice for your bedroom floor. The experts at Floor Coverings International Williamson County outline everything you need to know before you decide on the perfect bedroom flooring for your Cedar Park home!

Cedar Park Hardwood

Pros of Hardwood in the Bedroom

  • Look: Nothing beats the classic and elegant look of hardwood. It can be installed in a variety of different styles, from blonde with a matte finish to distressed walnut.
  • Durability: While there probably won’t be a ton of heavy foot traffic in your bedroom, hardwood will hold up well to everyday wear and tear, scratches, and more.
  • Easy to Clean: Stray hair and dust can be swept up easily to keep your room looking clean.

Cons of Hardwood in the Bedroom

  • Cold Underfoot: While an area rug can be used, hardwood can feel cold underfoot during the winter months.
  • Louder: Hardwood does not muffle noises as much as carpet does.
  • More Expensive: Hardwoods are generally more expensive than carpet.

Cedar Park Carpet

Pros of Carpet

  • Luxurious Look: Like hardwood, carpet is also available in a wide variety of looks. Carpet adds a soft and comforting look to any bedroom, making it a great addition.
  • Warm Underfoot: Carpet will feel soft and warm underfoot all year-round.
  • Sound Dampening: Carpet will help to muffle sounds more than hardwood does.
  • More Affordable: It is generally a more affordable option.

Cons of Carpet

  • More Maintenance: Carpet generally requires more everyday maintenance to keep it in good shape.
  • Stains More Easily: It is more prone to staining than hardwood.
  • Less Appealing to Home Buyers: If you plan to sell your home, carpet is generally less appealing to new home buyers than hardwood is.

Both hardwood and carpet have their many different benefits and drawbacks, but we can further help you make this important decision for your Cedar Park bedroom. Schedule a free in-home design consultation with the experts at Floor Coverings International Williamson County today! We proudly serve the greater Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander TX areas.

Photo Credit: Artazum