I actually got a better quote for a floor I would have never considered! I planned on an inexpensive vinyl, but definitely got more for my budget. No pressure, and every was explained, and the installation was professional, and they cleaned up everything. I definitely will and have recommended them to others.
Ricki Millen
Installers were very careful and the carpeting was good quality
Robert Selickman
John is an outstanding business professional. He takes pride in his work and delivers excellent customer service.
Jennifer Mansion
Very. Helpful meeting our needs
Joe and Merril Trebino
I liked the quick reply and scheduling. We liked the prices and quality of work.
Liz Rudkin
Crew was messy and failed to protect my furniture with plastic or a dropcloth, leaving a big mess for me to clean up. One of the crew, the stair guy, cleaned up the mess under the steps left because they failed to cover my items with a dropcloth. He did a good job, was neat, and I honestly felt he cared about leaving a good impression. The crew were asked by me and by the company to place felt under all the heavy furniture so that it could be pushed easily back into place; this was not done. My painter left today and could not put the furniture back into place by himself because no felt was placed under the heavy items. I cannot get the furniture back, and I cannot even clean in the bedroom because all the furniture is sitting in the middle of the room. That bedroom was supposed to be used by a guest tomorrow evening, but that won't happen. This company did not live up to my expectations on this job, and most of the problems were due to laziness and the crew not listening or caring that they left behind a mess that somebody would have to clean up. The crew were loud, blasted music each day so loudly I couldn't carry on a conversation upstairs, and now that I know how careless they were with my furniture, I can only hope they did a quality job on the floors.
Sharon Hequembourg
Great service. Floor looks beautiful
LINDA Columbro
Great prices, helpful associates, thourough job
Ashley Taylor
Too many issues arose: behind schedule, failure to communicate, original work was sub par, etc.
Patti Anderson
Poor communication.
Sean Francis