williamson county area rug

Wall-to-wall carpet is a reliable choice in quite a few Cedar Park homes, but let’s not forget about the area rug! Area rugs can serve as an alternative to full carpeting, or can be an easy way to add some color to an otherwise neutral tone carpet floor. The flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Williamson County recommend area rugs for their versatility, complementary decor presence, and overall simple beauty.

Area Rug Design

Area rugs come in a huge assortment of different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. While standard wall-to-wall carpeting is also diverse, it can’t hold a candle to the sheer volume of choices in the area rug department. Area rugs are a favorite of interior designers due to their ability to match just about any existing home decor style. They can pull various decorative elements together, like wall art and furniture, and they can also be used in open floor plans to create subdivisions, such as sitting areas.

Area Rug Practicality

Area rugs are significantly more manageable than their wall-to-wall cousins. They can be removed from a room for easier cleaning, or sent to a rug cleaner for professional maintenance without requiring the presence of a worker in your home. If the area rug has been damaged beyond repair, it is quickly replaced. If your tile or hardwood floors are already a lovely sight, but you would like a bit more cushion or warmth underfoot in certain places, area rugs are an easy solution.

williamson county area rug

Area Rug Concerns

One issue to look out for is the possibility of area rug slippage. Fortunately this is an easy fix. A rubber backing with good traction will make sure your area rugs won’t slip when you walk across them. Since the area rug will most likely have a different pile length and texture from the surrounding floors, you’ll also want to check the roller settings before you vacuum your area rugs, to make sure the roller bristles don’t catch and pull on the fibers.

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