At first glance, carpet flooring may not be quite as exciting as a hardwood or tile surfaces, but carpet actually has many benefits. In this article, our experts at Floor Coverings International Williamson County give you their top five benefits of carpet flooring.

Carpet options in Williamson County

  1. Carpet is generally less expensive. The lower labor costs combined with the reasonable rates of carpet material make carpet a great option for budget conscious homeowners. Carpet is a fantastic inexpensive choice for basements. Carpet is also less expensive to maintain, as hardwood surfaces cost two-and-a-half times more to clean, on average.
  1. Carpet minimizes falls and injuries. This is important if you have elderly people and/or children in your house. Because of its texture, carpet is usually not slippery and if a fall does occur, it offers extra padding.
  1. Carpet is warm. Ever walk on a tile floor with bare feet and crave some carpet fiber on your toes? In cold winter climates, carpet can be very practical and in some cases, necessary. Consider installing carpet in your bedrooms for comfort.
  1. Carpet can be better for your lungs. It may sound ironic, but carpet can actually improve air quality because many of the pollens and dust that circulates through your house will actually be pulled to the carpet surface. With the right vacuum cleaner, these particles can be out of your house easily.
  1. Carpet can be recycled. Many carpets are made out of nylon, which is often recycled into materials to make new carpet. Although it’s more common with business quantities, there are still resources available to help you use recycled carpet and then recycle it yourself!

Do you live in Cedar Park, Georgetown, or Leander? Are you considering carpet? If so, give our experts at Floor Coverings International Williamson County a call. We’re ready to serve you today!

Photo credit: severija