williamson county site-finished hardwood floor

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes in a huge range of styles, but sometimes homeowners with unique projects will pick something that doesn’t quite match their vision because they don’t realize they have the choice to site-finish their floors.

To help you make an informed decision about what’s possible to do with your flooring, Floor Coverings International Williamson County is here to talk about the benefits of site-finished hardwood floors for Leander homes.

The Custom Finish

Because of the time and craftsmanship involved, site-finished hardwood floors generally have a higher price point than prefinished options, however the extra cost can be well worth it. For example, if your home already features hardwood floors in some rooms and you want matching floors installed in other areas, site-finished planks are your best bet.

On-site finishing allows flooring professionals to customize the planks so that they match the color and finish of the existing wood floors. Also, if you want hardwood that that recreates historic looks or custom effects, site-finished flooring is optimal.

williamson county site-finished hardwood floor

Site-Finished Hardwood Repairs and Lifespan

Site-finished hardwood is sanded, stained, and sealed after it arrives in your home, which means that your installers can also smooth out irregularities in the flooring. By contrast, prefinished hardwood arrives on location with everything already applied and dried — making it very difficult to customize or smooth out.

When repairing or replacing damaged sections of flooring, site-finishing can also be a much simpler option than trying to order a new prefinished plank to match. For homeowners who prioritize quality, customization, and longevity, site-finished hardwood is a great option.

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