walnut hardwood flooring in cedar parkWhat Is It?

Walnut hardwood flooring is a specific type of hardwood known for its warm chocolate tones and subtle color variation. Compared to other hardwood types that are less uniform, this variety is unique without being over the top. We encourage you to read on to learn more about this hardwood option, which is sure to add character to your Cedar Park home.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Timeless—Like most hardwood options, walnut hardwood offers a look that shows no signs of going out of style. Hardwood creates a classic feel and walnut hardwood is no exception. The color of this hardwood isn’t too dark or light, and it therefore compliments a number of different interior design styles. Furthermore, in comparison to hand-scraped hardwood or reclaimed hardwood, its color variation is subdued. It’s a perfect option for homeowners that want to add a touch of personality to their flooring, without having to worry about it one day bringing down the property value of their home.

Durable—Walnut hardwood resists water and mold. It’s great for busy families that want easy to maintain flooring, and can be swept, vacuumed, or mopped. This flooring is unique in that you won’t have to sacrifice style for durability. Homeowners often find that walnut hardwood lasts a lifetime and still looks close to brand new.

Walnut Hardwood Flooring Precautions

Cost—Walnut hardwood does tend to be expensive due to its high quality and pointedly understated color variation. One way to keep down costs is to install walnut hardwood flooring in open areas of your home that receive a great deal of foot traffic. Walnut hardwood looks great in kitchens, living rooms, and entryways. In more infrequently trafficked rooms less expensive flooring may be more economical.

Here at Floor Coverings International Williamson County we’d love to help you find the right hardwood flooring for your home. Maybe that’s walnut hardwood flooring, maybe it’s not. Either way we’re here to help! We offer free consultations and proudly serve the greater Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander TX areas. Call us today!

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