laminate tile georgetownLaminate plank flooring has become a popular alternative to real hardwood in many Georgetown homes. However, not many homeowners know that this versatile flooring also comes in stone-look tiles as well. Here at Floor Coverings International Williamson County, we offer a large selection of laminate tile flooring that’s perfect for home remodels and family friendly environments. Learn more about the laminate tile basics below!

What is Laminate Tile?

Both laminate planks and laminate tiles are made up of three layers. These include a fiberboard and resin core, a photographic layer, and a protective top layer. Laminate tile often mimics real stone tile, coming in looks like travertine, granite, and marble. Laminate flooring is manufactured in many different shapes and sizes, allowing homeowners a variety of different tile looks to choose from.

Laminate Durability

Laminate is popular in family homes because it is durable against scratches, dents, and foot traffic. Thanks to its protective top layer, laminate is even resistant against scratches from pet nails, making it a popular choice for pet owners.

Tile in general is known for being a very hardy surface. While laminate tile will be strong in the short run, it generally has a shorter lifespan than real stone tile and will need to be replaced every 30 years or so.

Water Resistancelaminate tile georgetown

Laminate tile is by no means waterproof, but it certainly does a good job at resisting water damage. The top layer prevents spills from immediately soaking into the surface, while the fiberboard and resin core is resistant against warping or expanding due to humidity changes.

Subsequently, laminate is a suitable choice in kitchens, basements, and other rooms that experience spills or some moisture. However, unlike ceramic or porcelain, laminate is not suitable for excessively moisture-prone rooms like the bathroom. Keep your laminate in tip-top shape by keeping it as dry as possible.

Cost and Installation

One reason why laminate tile is so popular is because it is very affordable. This makes it a go-to choice for quick and easy home renovations. Natural stone tile can be pricy, so laminate stone-look tile provides a beautiful alternative without the hefty price tag.

The installation process of laminate tile is generally much easier than it is for real tile. Most laminate tiles are interlocking and can be installed over existing floors. Unlike normal tile, laminate does not require grout or mortar for installation. This makes it a popular choice for busy families who want a quick and easy installation.

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Laminate tile flooring is a family friendly stone alternative that could be perfect for your Georgetown home. Call Floor Coverings International Williamson County today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect laminate tile look. We proudly serve Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander TX and surrounding areas.

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