luxury vinyl flooring georgetownLuxury vinyl plank is a very popular hardwood-alternative amongst local homeowners. Here at Floor Coverings International Williamson County, we love luxury vinyl because it is a practical and affordable floor that looks beautiful in any home. Whether you need a luxury floor for an affordable price or a durable floor that can stand up to messy pets, luxury vinyl plank could be the solution for you. Read below to find out if this flooring innovation is right for your Georgetown home!

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Vinyl flooring was first popularized as sheet vinyl – a thin flooring material that comes in rolls. Thanks to advances in technology, the vinyl of today is thicker, more durable, and even more attractive than the sheet vinyl of yesterday. Luxury vinyl plank is a type of vinyl that is manufactured to look like real hardwood planks. It can be installed in an interlocking fashion, and it comes in many different hardwood looks.

Vinyl Plank Water Resistance and Durability

One of the greatest qualities of luxury vinyl plank is how incredibly water-resistant it is. Real hardwood is prone to warping, swelling, or staining from even slight water damage. This makes it an unacceptable option for bathrooms, basements, and other moisture prone rooms. Vinyl plank is a wood-look alternative that can stand up to a moist bathroom or a flooded basement without any problems.

Luxury vinyl’s incredible water resistance makes it a wonderful wood-look alternative for pet owners or homes with messy kids. To top it off, vinyl plank is a resilient material that is very resistant against scratching and dents as well. With vinyl plank, you can get the beautiful hardwood look without worrying about any sort of accidents damaging your floor.

Luxury Vinyl Comfort Luxury vinyl plank georgetown

Vinyl plank is good at retaining heat and will never feel too hot or too cold underfoot like a stone tile floor might. Vinyl plank also has the advantage of resiliency, meaning that it won’t feel too hard or dense underfoot. Homeowners have the option of pairing vinyl plank with a cork backing, which will add to the floor’s comfort and can help to reduce joint pain that one may otherwise experience from standing too long on a hard floor.

Cost and Installation

Luxury vinyl plank is a popular alternative to hardwood because it is affordable and easy to install. Planks are often interlocking and can be installed over a subfloor or even over an existing floor. Luxury vinyl flooring tends to be kinder on the wallet than hardwood, meaning that any homeowner can get the beautiful hardwood look without the hefty price tag.

Get Started in Georgetown Today

Luxury vinyl plank is the popular hardwood alternative that Georgetown homeowners love. Call Floor Coverings International Williamson County today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect vinyl style for your home. We proudly serve Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander TX and surrounding areas.

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